Our Team!


Patty McCurdy
Patty graduated from Middlesex College with high honors in 2010. Patty has 4 years experience in periodontic, general and pediatric offices.  Patty is RDHS, ICE, and CPR certified. Patty is also licensed to administer local anesthesia to patients for procedures. While Patty is the newest addition to our team she is  very upbeat, cheerful, and friendly. Already establishing herself as a favorite among many of our patients. Request a cleaning with Patty today!


 Manxue Wang

Manxue was previously a practicing dentist in China before she moved to the United States. Manxue graduated from Middlesex College and has been working with Dr. Benjamin Hadar since 2001. Manxue is RDHS, ICE, and CPR certified. Manxue is known to be our most gentle and soft spoken hygienists. She is extremely popular among our patients, so make sure to request your appointment with Manxue soon! 

Brittany Romelus

Jessica Nelson