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Losing a Tooth Soon? Did you know that teeth contain stem cells that could help protect your family’s future health?   Stem cells help the body renew and repair itself.  When people hear “stem cells” they often think “embryonic stem cells”, but there are also adult stem cells.  For decades, doctors have quietly been using […]

Digital X-Rays

With recent technological advances, I am able to offer my patients many modern amenities, including digital x-rays (radiographs). The most positive affect of digital radiographs is the fact that they use a lot less radiation than the traditional way of taking x-rays. This day in age parents are more aware of all aspects of their […]


What is Bruxism? Bruxism is the result of clenching the jaw down tightly and grinding the teeth. When you clench down on your teeth pressure is put on the muscles, tissues and other structures surrounding the jaw.  People who clench their teeth mainly do it while sleeping. Symptoms Sore jaw Headaches Insomnia Depression Eating disorders […]

Preparing Children For Their First Dental Visit

Bringing your child to the dentist can have the potential to be a stressful situation. Many parents fear of how their child may react. Fortunately, there are many ways you can prepare your child for their first dentist trip. Here are a few tips to ensure a positive first experience: Make brushing at home interesting. […]

Oral Health vs. Overall Health

Many people will tell you that being healthy includes exercise and eating a balanced diet. But not a lot of people realize that being healthy also includes regular dental checkups. Recently, there have been multiple studies showing that poor dental health can lead to a variety of health concerns including heart attacks, low birth weight […]

“Dirty Water”

Most of us were personally affected by the water contamination that happened in the surrounding counties recently. Everywhere you went cases of water, gallons of water and even water jugs were out of stock. Coffee establishments could not sell coffee, tea or specialty drinks. Restaurants were forced to shut down completely. Nothing other than bottled […]

Tooth Brushing

Brushing & Flossing Instructions Children’s hands and mouths are different than adults. They need to use toothbrushes designed for children. Both adults and children should use brushes with soft, rounded bristles for gentle cleaning. Change to a new brush about every three months. Wipe infant’s teeth gently with a moist, soft cloth or gauze square. […]